Retiring or Inspiring?

Retiring or Inspiring?

(A Look at Life in Greener Pastures)

Photos c2009 by Nickers and Ink

All rights reserved.

Our mare has moved to greener pastures, so to speak. With no fears, she is now asserting herself in about 100 acres of lush spring grasses, sharing her domain with a colorful herd of tame retired and young green horses. Her new posse includes Appaloosas, Arabians, Morgans, Paints, Quarterhorses, Saddlebreds, Thoroughbreds and other breeds.

Green is the word, as our big, brave copper beauty explores her new verdant home. The picture is painted spring green, accented by wildflowers in yellow and white.

Judging by these photos I snapped on a dark and blustery spring afternoon, our wonderful warmblood (Westfalen) is making a splendid splash in her new-found surroundings. Standing in this equine world, I simply grabbed my cell phone to record these moments. The photo resolution is less than wonderful, but the scenes were quite lovely.

I’m checking on this special senior horse daily, either riding up the hill on our thoroughbred for an over-the-fence visit or leading her back down to the barn for a ride.

Usually, I'll toss my big Circle Y Western saddle up on this beautiful Westfalen's ba, bridle her up and head for a trail ride with a horse-loving friend or two. Sometimes, I'll tack her up with my trusty Passier Grand Gilbert dressage saddle, if we really mean to work. Occasionally, I'll just spin her on the longe line a bit to see how sound she is on a given day.

Her full dressage bridle, with it's dual reins, is collecting dust. Perhaps one of the sporthorse youngsters will grow into it one day.

This trusty horse has an amazing work ethic. She gives me all she's got every time we work together.

Each afternoon, without fail, my beloved mare perks her ears up at my arrival and comes running to greet me. What a gift is the loyal affection of a first horse.

Old dressage horses never die.

They just write their own letters

With warm whinnies

Upon our hearts.

c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

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  1. Hi Linda, I love the 'with warm whinnies' line!

    Pleasant to read post!!

  2. It's good to have both ;) It's time to enjoy life :)

  3. glad to learn tt horses are also affectionate like dogs.