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A Great Sport –

Poetic Scan from a Loyal Fan

My favorite athlete is tall

But wears no uniform at all.

My childhood dreams appear in him,

A wonder far beyond all whim.

His hair could rival Samson’s mane,

Unscissored, difficult to tame.

He’ll cast a glance to catch my eye,

Confused that others pass him by.

A champion in his own right,

I love to watch this one take flight.

It’s almost scary – watch him race,

Inviting others to give chase.

And what comes after may surprise;

For reasons I cannot surmise,

He’ll stop and stoop for me to climb

For quiet road trip, one more time.

His purpose, though he seem untamed,

A-frolicking so unashamed,

Is found fulfilled between us too,

Not just collecting ribbons blue.

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  1. Hi Linda, I like the way this rhymes too - it has your 'voice' stamped all over it!


  2. "champion in his own right"...I like...as i do the poem itself

  3. This poem captures that essence of a rider's relationship with her horse. Lovely!

  4. Good Morning Linda~ A person's relationship with their show horse is important and you've shown it here with all your grace. Well done. Have a nice day.

  5. very niceeeeeeeeeee!!!


  6. the first two lines are such a treat! lovely poem. i hope you read it out to your horse :)