"L" is for . . . Lovable

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“L” is for . . . Lovable

Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

Untacked in Fact

(The Blessing of a Bond Shared from Birth)

My sweet young friend is in the swim;

I cannot get enough of him.

He bids me to his back to swing,

I swell with pride and with him sing.

So effortlessly, holding mane,

I find no need for bit or rein.

No thrashing, dashing, spook or shy,

Our company does satisfy.

A little knowledge may have worth

But in the herd, more down to earth,

Abuse of power may draw ire.

A colt may bite, a hoof may fire.

Vindictive values know no place;

Our tempers vanish, as we race.

We gather, horse and humankind,

And there our souls are intertwined.

Discoveries of daily truth,

Displayed by finest friends in youth,

May lead to habits of high praise

For Him who grants delightful days.

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