Come to Me

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Just today, my young sporthorse colt worked under saddle in the big arena for the first time.

As he moves, step by step, through his training, I cannot help but reminisce about the journey that brought us together to this point.

His mother is a gorgeous chestnut Warmblood mare, my very first horse. His father is a fiery red Arabian stallion. This colt is a keeper.

Come to Me

Leave the herd, and come to me,
And we will roam the wilds with glee.
Gallop from the greenest field,
And so become my strongest shield.

We have waited, right or wrong,
To discover joys lifelong.
The trail awaits us, end unknown,
With secret beauty yet unshown.

We’ll mend the miles and race the breeze,
A-galloping beneath the trees.
So carry me beyond mundane,
As I hold tightly to your mane.

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1 comment:

  1. How exciting! You have such a wonderful road ahead of you. How lucky you are to be involved in such an adventure.

    All the best to you and the young'un.