Horse Show Ribbon Displays Made Easy

Horse Show Ribbon Displays Made Easy

Economical and Creative Ways to Show Off Your Horse Show Successes

My horse-loving daughter has more than one hundred ribbons from various horse shows over the years.

From hunter-jumper to dressage to pleasure classes, my young equestrian and her horse have emerged victorious often. Because of this, we have amassed a large collection of acetate, in the form of horse show ribbons.

Multi-colored rosettes, bold blue ribbons and even several reds, yellows, pinks, whites and greens adorn my daughter's bedroom. Truly, when visitors enter my daughter's equestrian-themed room, they always remark about her collection of horse show ribbons.

As a family, we enjoy looking at all of the horse show ribbons, with their printed logos and event names. On the back of each horse show ribbon, the name and date of each horse show is printed, along with the class and placing. My daughter's horse show ribbons tell the story of her horse show career.

Displaying Horse Show Ribbons

Of course, most equestrians enjoy displaying their horse show ribbons on their horses' stall fronts at the stables, at least for the week after a horse show. Before long, however, it's time to take the horse show ribbons home.

Saddleries, tack stores and horsey catalogs sell lovely horse show ribbon display racks and glassed frames. However, these can be quite pricey.

What equestrian would not want to display his or her collection of horse show ribbons proudly? From "Green as Grass" to "Grand Prix," why not display horse show success decoratively?

Click here to read about creative, economical and decorative ways equestrians can display horse show ribbons at home.

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